So many of us start the new year with resolutions to be better about diet, exercise, weight loss, and wellness. Unfortunately, approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by Valentine’s Day. Is there a way to avoid this flowery, chocolatey roadblock to achieving our health and wellness goals?

One of the best ways to stay the course is to have an accountability partner or exercise champion. Studies suggest that people are much more likely to stick to their goals when someone is holding them accountable. Good champions may include a family member, spouse,  good friend, co-worker, professional trainer or healthcare professional. Creating a team player atmosphere around your goals can provide encouragement when we fall short and celebration when goals are achieved.

One of the biggest reasons reported for dropping a new resolution is the lack of perceived spare time. At first, it is easy and exciting to create more time for your new healthy habit, but as the responsibilities of the new year buildup we tend to prioritize different things and get burned out quickly. Unfortunately when life becomes busy, exercise and stretching are some of the first things we cut, even though there are well-documented benefits to overall health and stress reduction. The best way to combat this pitfall is to find ways to sneak exercises into the routine without actually subtracting any time from our schedule.  This will help prevent burnout.

Here are some helpful tips from the Burkhart & Chapp team for easy and sneaky ways to get your reps in:

  • Pick one simple exercise (pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc.) and do 10 reps every single day. Starting with a small number can make you more likely to exercise, since it takes such a small amount of time and isn’t as intimidating. Start slow!
  • Try squats, leg extensions or calf raises while you are brushing your teeth. You can fit this in twice a day!
  • Leave a small set of weights near your couch so you can fit in some extra reps while binging on your favorite show or do some stretching during the commercials.  
  • Exercise while you’re waiting for dinner to cook. Get your 10 (or more) reps in while waiting 3 minutes at the microwave, or feel the burn with some yoga while your casserole bakes in the oven. (Just don’t burn the casserole)
  • Stretch while you are still in bed in the morning, or before you fall asleep. There are a lot of stretches for back health that can be accomplished flat in bed! Talk to your chiropractor about which ones are best for you!
  • Stretch your neck and shoulder blades while seated. You can do this at a red light in your car, or while working at your desk. It only takes minutes, but can greatly benefit your posture.

Try these easy and sustainable changes to see if you can make your New Year’s Resolution a lifestyle. Stay tuned for New Year’s Resolutions Part 2, where the Burkhart & Chapp team discusses popular diets!