In this second part on running back pain free we will be talking about something that we know you hear a lot about, but might not practice on a daily routine when you are exercising; stretching!  More specifically, stretching your hamstring.

Your hamstring is the tendon on the back of your upper leg, or quadriceps.  It’s main focus is to help pull your lower leg up while you walk or run and ensures a good hip extension.  Your hamstring can create tension on your lower back when running if it gets too tight, so stretching it will help reduce the risk of lower back pain and also a number of other ailments that could come to fruition if it’s not tended to daily.

There are multiple ways to stretch your hamstring, the basic of which is the simple toe touch.  If you stand with you feet together gently put your hands above your head and simply and slowly bend forward without bending your knees to touch your toes.  Once you feel the pull in the back of your legs simply hold your position for 30 seconds and straighten back up with your hands above your head.  Rest for about a minute and repeat.

Young woman seated hamstring stretch

Another great stretching technique is to sit on the floor with one leg out in front of you and the other tucked into your quadricep.  Simply take both hands and try to touch your toe, bending gently at the back until you feel your hamstring tighten.

If you are interested in running back pain free, please contact us so we may talk about other ways to avoid unnecessary pain!