Running Back Pain FreeFor the next few weeks we will be discussing how runners can do what they love without the back pain that can keep them inactive and sometimes bed ridden.  We are going to start from the ground up.

Good Shoes go a long way… but need to be replaced regularly when it comes to running back pain free.

The most important part about keeping a straight spine is getting good shoes.  Look for shoes with supportive arches and make sure they fit right.  The best way to ensure that they fit correctly is to make sure that you have about a half inch between where your toes stop and the end of the shoe.

It’s also important to buy the right kind of shoe, not many people know that when it comes to running that most running shoes are meant for forward motion and anything side to side results in low support, not good when it comes to stabilizing muscle strain.

Make sure to buy extra high arch support if you have high arches.

Make sure to get adjusted regularly with your chiropractor, they have the knowledge and the tools to ensure that when you buy your shoes that they are working properly to help support your plan on how to run back pain free.