Post Injury Running RecoveryA running injury is frustrating and can be a real set back especially if recovery is slow. Runners experience many different types of injuries, but the repetitive pounding of the pavement can cause joints to become misaligned or aggravate joints that are already misaligned.

In our last blog, we talked about how a misalignment to the joints or spine (subluxation) can cause nerves to become pinched which can lead to pain and inflammation.  In this blog, we want to explain how a chiropractor locates and treats a subluxation.

First we start with an evaluation of your spine which includes an assessment of your posture and range of motion.  Next, we take an x-ray of your spine.  An x-ray gives us a picture of your spine so we can pin point the exact joint or joints that are out of alignment.

Once we have identified the specific joints that are not properly aligned, we perform an adjustment to bring them back in to proper alignment. Once a joint is back in the right place, nerve flow is restored and healing begins.  You will notice improvement in your range of motion, a decrease in nerve pressure and a reduction in inflammation and pain.

It’s like the domino effect.  Proper alignment of your spine enables your body to function properly so healing can begin allowing you to achieve maximum performance once again!

If you have questions about post injury running or you are an athlete that suffers from subluxation and want to get back to your best performance, please call us today at 616.698.0046 to set up an appointment to evaluate your spine.