A common story told in the chiropractor’s office:

    “I went to the ER. I was prescribed _________ and _________. The drugs take the edge off, but I continue to have pain. They told me to follow-up if the symptoms come back, but I feel like the symptoms never stopped.”


    “I went to my medical doctor.  He gave me a shot, but it doesn’t even touch the pain. I was told to follow-up for another shot in three months. I won’t be able to wait that long with this bad of pain.”

These stories are very common. So common, that it seems like the only treatments for back discomfort are pills, shots and waiting for the pain to just go away. This approach is proving to be a poor clinical standard. New guidelines released by the American College of Physicians advocate for alternative treatments before a drug/pharmacological approach.

These guidelines reference exercise, acupuncture, laser therapy, and chiropractic care as effective alternatives for addressing back pain. Many of these alternatives are proving to help decrease pain, improve patient outcomes, and reduce the use and abuse of narcotics.

These guidelines are great news! All doctors should be aware of alternative care, since these therapies and exercises are a simple and effective solution for problems such as back pain. Adoption of these recommendations will shift the conversation from pain management to healing and wellness. This provides a true change rather than a temporary fix for the pain and discomfort felt by millions.

At Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic, we seek to be leaders in providing an innovative healthcare solution for the West Michigan community. Our goal is to provide a path out of pain today while paving the road for functional and structural change in the spine to prevent further issues.

Another common story told in the chiropractor’s office:

    “I had finally got to the point where I couldn’t stand the pain in my back and neck, so I contacted Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic. After the first visit I became very aware of why I have had so much pain for the past 15 years. I am so pleased and grateful to say that after only a couple months I feel incredibly better! I honestly can’t remember that last time I felt like this. Thank you so much Dr. Tim Burkhart and team!”


    “I’m very impressed with the results! It’s amazing how I feel after a long and difficult time of finding out what was going on with me. No doctor or medication could stop my headaches, until I came to Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic! I tried their recommendations and saw a big difference in a very short amount of time”

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