The prevalence of laser technology in healthcare has been steadily growing over the last twenty years. Lasers applied externally to an affected area have been proven to provide many benefits for soft tissue injuries, and high powered lasers have been developed to assist in surgical procedures. Laser therapy allows for diverse application and treatment options, as the color, strength, and frequency of the laser light can affect tissue and healing in different ways. At Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic, we seek to provide excellent care for our patients by utilizing the latest developments in technology, and have had marked success with the K-Laser.

K-Lasers use near visible and red light to stimulate healing at a cellular level. Laser energy reacts with light sensitive molecules, leading to increased cell vitality, DNA repair, and cell production; all of which are necessary processes for healing. Laser therapy has been studied in many populations and areas of interest, and has largely been shown to increase blood flow, increase cellular metabolism, and increase healing times. With such a wide range of effectiveness, laser therapy can stimulate healing in athletic soft tissue injury, diabetic foot ulcers, and can even improve cognition and mental processing.

There has been a growing demand for this low-cost, non-invasive technology, since it can be used so effectively for such a wide variety of conditions. Here at Burkhart & Chapp, we have especially seen  benefits for our patients with muscle pain, tendonitis, and arthritis. While laser therapy is considered “new” in the world of healthcare, it is definitely a safe, proven effective, and cost-effective option.

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