At first glance, hospitals and airports have little in common. But according to Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, many healthcare reformers are pushing hospitals and other healthcare delivery systems to mirror the way airlines treat their customers, with streamlined corporate processes, strict time regulations and scripted interactions.


Under this model, healthcare providers become divided between interacting with patients and interfacing with computer screens. Conversations about health history quickly devolve into data entry and checklists of worst case scenarios. The focus on demographics, family history, risk factors, biologic metrics, and disease management can easily overshadow the patient themselves. Once data is entered into the system, practitioners tend to provide standardized care plans based on a diagnosis, rather than individualizing care models to meet their patients’ unique needs. While this triage system can be effective for screening many illnesses, the big picture of health is often missed.


Many healthcare providers are content to participate within this model of care. The traditional, systematic approach eliminates the guesswork, treating the body like a car or watch that just needs new parts. Others reject this method, preferring to take a more carefully thought out and individualized approach to health management.

At Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic, we prefer this alternative approach to healthcare. Our care model is holistic and always individualized. We will partner with you to develop a unique care plans that meets your specific needs, and always advocate for your best health. For those suffering with structural problems of the spine leading to pain and dysfunction, we offer a natural solution that allows your body to heal again. For those in good health, who wish to maintain their current lifestyle, we offer a more conservative approach that keeps your body functioning at its very best.


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