With the changing political landscape, the Affordable Care Act and many other healthcare related topics are back in the news. There are many opinions on potential solutions, but there is little agreement. Many are looking to politicians, doctors, and healthcare systems to develop a healthcare plan that addresses the complex issues surrounding universal coverage. The problem, however, begins not with healthcare coverage, but our healthcare choices.


The average person in the United States is not doing their part to maintain health. This is evident in trends for life expectancy. The British medical journal, The Lancet, predicted in the mid-2000s that 50% of babies born from the year 2000 on will live to be 100 years old. However, subsequent studies have suggested that the life expectancy for this same generation will decrease as compared to their parents. What does this say about health?

While we have the tools in America to live a full life past 100 years, these studies imply that many will not reach this potential due to a lifestyle that degrades their body and health.

This crucial part of the conversation is being missed. Healthcare needs a change of scenery from a high-cost, reactionary, disease focused, clinical environment to a health focused, preventative, positive lifestyle choices environment. Healthy living should be the key.


Chiropractors are proud to be one of the leading voices in this preventative, healthy lifestyle model of healthcare delivery.  At Burkhart and Chapp Chiropractic, we offer a conservative approach to getting your life re-focused on health by offering services that improve the functioning of the spine.

Healthcare coverage and insurance plans will never play as important of a role in the longevity and quality of your life as healthy lifestyle choices. Are you more likely to live to 100 if your insurance coverage changes or if your attitude about health changes?

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