What is FIRMA Energywear?

Energywear-FIRMAWe recently posted a blog on FIRMA Energywear. We wanted to give you a little more information on what it is, how it works, and how it can help you.

What is it? FIRMA Energywear is an exciting new line of active garments that are worn under your clothing as a second skin layer. FIRMA wear provides passive therapeutic benefits such as increased circulation and enhanced tissue health in those who wear the products. It really energizes your body and muscles when you wear it.

How does FIRMA Energywear work? Firma features a special fabric that has active biocrystals woven into it. These biocrystals receive infrared energy (heat) given off by the body and reflect it back to the body at an optimized wavelength for therapeutic effects. This infrared energy penetrates up to 4-5cm below the skin surface affecting all muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the area. As the body absorbs this infrared energy amazing results begin to occur. Many people who wear FIRMA Energywear say that they feel energized when wearing these garments.

firma-energy-wearHow can it help you? FIRMA Energywear has helped people achieve improved blood microcirculation and increased tissue health. FIRMA Energywear makes a great travel wear as it helps to keep the body’s tissues active during long periods of sitting or inactivity. Many runners use this product as well because it works extremely well as a recovery garment after running. FIRMA Energywear helps muscle tissue transport and synthesize lactic acid more quickly, leading to quicker recovery of sore muscles and less lasting pain.

If you would like further information on FIRMA Energywear products, please contact our office at 616 698-0046 and ask to speak to Debbie.