Fall colors, hot apple cider, the smell of bonfires… we embrace these things this time of the year.  Unfortunately as the season changes and our days get cooler, we are also reminded that cold & flu season is just around the corner.

Instead of stocking your medicine cabinet with over the counter meds this year, why not stock it with supplements to help your body fight naturally?  With the first signs of a sniffle or flu bug, start using our Cold & Flu Kit to give your immune system the boost it needs to get well faster!  Be prepared.  Stock up with your Cold & Flu Kit now!


Cold & Flu Kit:


metagenics-immucore-90-tabletsImmuCore- take 2-4 tablets daily

Product includes:

Ultra Potent-C – enhances cellular uptake of vitamin C

Zinc – immune system health

Vitamin D – long term immune health support

Mushroom Extracts – protects a stressed immune system


Emergen-C– take 1-2 packs dailyemergen-c-product

Product includes:

1,000 mg of Vitamin C – protection against immune

            system deficiencies

Zinc – immune system health

Manganese – vitamin absorption & antioxidant

B Vitamins – cell growth and metabolic support

Electrolytes- protects cells from dehydration


orthomolecular vitamin D 5000 iuVitamin D 5000 IU– take 1-2 tablets daily

Product Inclues:

Vitamin D3- supports immune function and promotes a sense of wellbeing