How does chiropractic care compare to the alternatives?

cervical_epidural_steroid_injectionFor patients with chronic neck or back pain, nerve root injections (aka pain injections) are often used by pain management physicians to help manage the pain/symptoms. There are several studies confirming that chiropractic care is a cost-effective alternative to injections for low back pain management. As evidenced by these studies, the outcomes of injections versus chiropractic care are comparable for pain reduction with chiropractic being much more cost-effective.

The assumption has been that neck outcomes are similar, and now it has been confirmed by a newly publish article.

A new study confirms that chiropractic is more effective than nerve root injects for chronic neck pain. This is great news for people suffering with chronic neck pain and those that have already tried nerve root injections without results. It also raises awareness for chiropractic as a drug-free, surgery-free pain alternative. At Burkhart & Chapp Chiropractic, we offer results to our patients through the integration of non-surgical decompression, laser, and acoustic compression therapies in addition to traditional chiropractic care. We seek to achieve the best results possible by tailoring a care plan to each individual.