Advances in Chiropractic Technology

X-Ray for chiropractorsOur HCMI High Frequency Chiropractic X-ray System technology far exceeds that of conventional x-ray machines. It offers increased penetration power with shorter exposure time, resulting in the benefit of a reduction in the patient’s exposure to radiation by 26% as well as enhanced x-ray image quality.
Chiropractor adjusting tablesOur Zenith “Hylo” Chiropractic Adjusting Tables are considered some of the finest adjusting tables available. The “Hylo” function allows the patient to easily access the table from a standing position. The table then automatically lowers and raises the patient, increasing patient comfort. The cushions adjust to support the patient during the treatment. These tables are also equipped with either manual or low-force air drop pieces that assist the doctor in providing gentle, yet effective chiropractic adjustments.
Smart AdjusterOur FDA Approved Smart Adjuster/Acuwave System is a computerized diagnostic and treatment device. This instrument aids the doctor in determining the proper course of treatment and in administering specific, measured force to regions of the spine and surrounding musculature. In difficult cases it can make all the difference in the results, as it enables the doctor to be both highly specific and yet very gentle.
We use a variety of techinques based on the individual patient’s condition, his or her overall health, and the experience of the doctor. Some of these named techniques include; Diversified, Drop (Thompson), Pierce Method, Smart Adjuster/Acuwave System, Toggle Activator®, among others.