Designed by chiropractors, the Denneroll is a remarkable spinal remodeling device designed to correct a loss or reversal of the normal cervical curvature. Denneroll devices represent a leap forward in treatment for chiropractic patients since they are effective, easy to use, and affordable for patients.

Proven in a number of case studies and one randomized clinical trial, the Denneroll has been shown to prevent nerve, ligament, and muscle damage, relieve pain, and improve overall health. Car accidents, falls, and poor posture all contribute to abnormal cervical Lordosis, putting a patient at greater risk for a number of health-related disorders.

This device offers a simple solution to allow for more effective chiropractic care by allowing patients to continue care at home. Under a health care professional’s guidance, correction of improper spinal curvature in the cervical region can be accomplished anywhere, anytime. And that means faster, better results, which translates to less pain, more flexibility, and improved function.